New Year's Eve, Fuzhou Kejie, Happy New Year
Time:2020-01-23 Author: Willa Browsing volume: 160

New year new life. On this occasion of leaving the old and welcoming the new, Fuzhou Kejie also held an annual meeting at the company. The annual meeting summarized the completion of the company's mission indicators in the past year and also planned the relevant work of various departments in the new year.

    In the twenty-two years of , the people of Kejie have tasted the ups and downs, and have also experienced the vicissitudes of life. During this period, through the unremitting efforts of several generations of Kejie people, the two words Kejie have taken root firmly in the industry today. More customers choose Kejie.

    2020 is the first year of Fuzhou Kejies future strategy. All Kejie staffs will surely blow the clarion call for sailing, carry forward the Kejie spirit, and join hands with industry partners to create great results. So far, all staffs of Fuzhou Kejie wish all Kejie customers and partners a grand vision and good luck in the new year!