Keli Sensing management team visited Fuzhou Kejie to start Cooperation
Time:2020-11-26 Author: Willa Browsing volume: 157

Company President Ke Jiandong and the heads of the Keli President Office (Technical Management Department), Domestic Sales Department, Human Resources Department, and Supply Chain Management Department visited Fuzhou Kejie to communicate and exchange views on the follow-up strategy, resource coordination and cooperation between the two parties after the investment.

From November 22nd to 23rd, the visiting management staff of Keli visited Kejie Company and had many meetings with the heads of various departments of Kejie. The two parties conducted special discussions on the direction of strategic cooperation, group management, corporate culture, product strategy, R&D management system, supply chain management system, sales system, and human resource system.

This visit and exchange allowed the managers of Keli and Kejie to have a deeper and comprehensive understanding of each other, laying a foundation for the future development and coordination of both parties. At the same time, the requirements and support put forward by the meeting also pointed out the direction for Kejie’s future development. . The cooperation between Keli and Kejie is based on the exploration of the transformation and upgrading of the traditional weighing instrument industry in the context of the industrial Internet of Things. It is also the application scenario of Keli’s Internet of Things strategy. The two sides share a common mission, strategy, culture and emotion. Material material Internet of Things road.