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Yaohua indicator XK3190-A9

A9 weighing indicator

Weighing indicator A9 adopts high precision ∑-Δ A/D conversion technology, widely applied in electronic floor scale,electronic truck scale and so on alike static weighing system equipped with 1~8 load cell.


  • Compatible with all functions of model XK3190-A9;

  • ∑-Δ high precision A/D conversion method, able to process input signal from -16mV to 18mV

  • Good consistency, no need to re-calibrate a scale if change the former indicator, high precision

  • DC power socket with anti-connect and anti-short circuit protection;

  • With strong anti-disturbance function

  • AC/DC power supply, standard chargeable battery

  • 7-bits 0.8 inch LED display, 3-level battery indications

  • Able to setup zero-tracking range, zero(auto/manual) range

  • With 2-point calibration correction function, 2 compensation calibration methods

  • Able to save 1001 weighing records, 1000 truck records consisting of truck ID and corresponding tare weight, 201 records of goods

  • Able to print across and upright weighing bill

  • Able to print different statistical reports

  • Standard RS232 communication interface(RS422/RS485 optional)

  • Standard scoreboard interface with current loop

  • Standard parallel print interface

  • Able to connect assigned thermal printer

  • Built in indicator is available

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