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YAOHUA Indicator XK3190-A12E

High precision A/D conversion, the readability of 1/30000;

The code calls convenient display, observation, and analysis of weight tolerance instead of feeling;

Special software technology, enhance the system's ability to resist vibration;

Zero tracking range, zero (boot / manual range, respectively);

technical parameter:

A/D conversion mode: sigma-delta conversion

A/D conversion rate: 20 times / sec

The maximum A/D conversion number: 20bit

Input signal range: 10mV ~ 15mV

Input sensitivity: more than 1 V/e

The sensor bridge power supply C5V; I = 150mA

Connect the sensor number: 4 350 sensors can be connected.

Connection: 4 wire sensors

Verification of indexing number: 3000

The maximum number: 30000

Maximum resolution: 300000

Division value: 1/2/5/10/20/50 optional

Display mode (A12): 6 LCD LCD, 6 state indicator

Display mode (A12E): 6 LED digital tube, 6 state indicator

Display range: -2000 ~ 150000 (e=10)

Large screen interface (optional)

Output mode: serial output signal

Signal: current loop signal

Baud rate: 600

Transmission distance: the current loop signal is less than 100 meters

The serial communication interface (optional)

Baud rate: 1200/2400/4800/9600 optional

Communication mode: automatic continuous mode / instruction mode

Transmission distance: RS232C is less than 30 meters

AC power supply: AC187 ~ 242V 49 ~ 51Hz;

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